About DVF Casting

DVF was founded by former Princess Diane Von Furstenberg, former wife of Prince Egon Von Furstenberg. She is a Belgian Princess Fashion Designer who became the President of Council of Fashion Designers of America since 2006 and later in 2014 was recognized as 68th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

The company DVF with designs by Diane in clothing and is best known for the wrap dresses that she designed. She is known for her vocal clothing company as she emphasizes more on women empowerment in all forms at her organization.

The knitted jersey wrap dress was introduced by DVF brand in 1974. Due the success of her wrap dress, she was featured in the Newsweek magazine in 1976. Since 2004, they also brought in Stern fine jewelry collection along with the DVF dress and clothing category.

SO now, DVF has a variety of products in wrap dress, signature prints and ready-to-wear jewelry and accessories. This firm is headquartered in New York City but, operates in more than 100 countries with more than 850 stored of distribution and 116 DVF and partner owned stores through North and South America, Asia Pacific and the Middle east.

At DVF casting, we from House of DVF, enlist young fashionistas to compete for the title of Global Ambassador for the house of DVF.

The 68-year-old style legend and a philanthropist, Diane, remarked in a recent interview that the show is an excellent medium to stay updated with style and enlisting millennials to continue with her legacy.

She has aspired to work on women empowerment in the industry. For this, she brought an idea of the show that empowers young and ambitious women for the House of DVF and select the most eligible one to become the global brand ambassador for the brand.

She also said, the idea isn’t well contemporized as she had imagined. As the contestants get too much into competition and start cutting each other down which she hadn’t expected it to be. Calling upon all young and ambitious women in the age group of 20-25 years to register for House of DVF by filling the form prepared by our brand partners.