• DVF Brand Partners
    House of DVF cast/contestants are given different tasks for each round, and the worst performer will be eliminated at the end of each round. These DVF contenders are asked to perform all the challenges related to designing, marketing, sales and PR for a chance to become Diane Von Furstenberg Brand Ambassador. What is a Reality TV Show? Reality TV programs aim at showing how ordinary people behave in everyday life or how they behave in such a setting or situation which is often created by the makers of the show. The reality show business has grown … Read more
  • ‘House of DVF’ Tips for Contestants
    “My Religion is Truth” These four words by Diane Von Furstenberg is what you will find the House of DVF show. The format of the show is straightforward: You fill in the audition form, eight amongst the entire lot is selected to perform further tasks and challenges. Every week a contestant will be eliminated from the show after everyone presents their tasks and challenges and the one left last would be the winner. Diane carries the power of even not selecting a winner. She might say none of them is worth it. The DVF show winner … Read more