DVF Brand Partners

House of DVF cast/contestants are given different tasks for each round, and the worst performer will be eliminated at the end of each round. These DVF contenders are asked to perform all the challenges related to designing, marketing, sales and PR for a chance to become Diane Von Furstenberg Brand Ambassador.

What is a Reality TV Show?

Reality TV programs aim at showing how ordinary people behave in everyday life or how they behave in such a setting or situation which is often created by the makers of the show.

The reality show business has grown a lot over the last few decades and is still growing. The significant difference between a reality show and a regular TV show is its camera placement. In general television programs, the cameras are placed in a way that the audiences are the third person viewing at the events happening. But, for a reality show, the cameras are placed in a way that the viewers are present at that place and living each moment like the contestant on the show. The difference is also because, for a regular show, there is a lot of editing done whereas, the reality shows are least edited and rolled on the Television.

Diane Von Furstenberg sticks to her words bringing forward the real happenings in the show. We do the least edit of each episode of our show.

DVF Casting Partners

Each reality show comprises of various partners that it has to be visible to the audience outside. There are television partners, marketing partners, data partners, title partners, and many more.

Our internet presence, its advertising and marketing are carried out by Ozias.co for DVF Casting. This partner advertising firm manages our marketing activities on the internet. It has created and maintains DVF casting’s digital identity.

Our Television partners E! company, where our show ‘House of DVF’ comes to live, contribute a lot! Diane Von Furstenberg continues to build her empire with the help of the visibility she gets because of our television partners E! company.

Our data partners are First Insights Inc. that helped us in finding and leveraging the insightful analysis of our consumers. This helped us double our product success rate within a year.

With our exclusive partners, DVF has sold more than a million wrap dresses since 1986. And our brand now encompasses several products from clothing to handbags to shoes to jewellery to accessories that cover over 100 countries.

Our House of DVF winners of season 1 Brittany Hampton received a lot of rewards from our DVF Casting partners. She was given a quarterly package for her website’s digital presence and some advertisements on the E! company.

We are very thankful to our sponsors and partners who helped us carry out the previous season well and are continuously working towards an overall House of DVF presence around all the operating countries.

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