‘House of DVF’ Tips for Contestants

“My Religion is Truth”

These four words by Diane Von Furstenberg is what you will find the House of DVF show. The format of the show is straightforward: You fill in the audition form, eight amongst the entire lot is selected to perform further tasks and challenges. Every week a contestant will be eliminated from the show after everyone presents their tasks and challenges and the one left last would be the winner. Diane carries the power of even not selecting a winner. She might say none of them is worth it. The DVF show winner gets to be the global ambassador for the DVF brand.

Like any other reality show, this isn’t a pre-formatted show. The girl that wins each of the challenges wins the show. If one misses showcasing their skills in any one task, then she may get eliminated. By this, House of DVF can maintain authenticity in their show.

The show is not fabricated and so show the actual happenings with the house of DVF cast. The eliminations that happen in the show are entirely based on performance and nothing else. Diane herself gets involved and mentors all the eight girls through each of the challenges. She is hilarious, funny and witty. Also, she is caring and creates a bond with every girl on the show. The casting on the show looks spot-on as they are so perfectly fit for the show. And you will enjoy the show!

Tips for Winning all Challenges

Each challenge is different from the other. Here, the DVF brand focuses on checking each talent that the girl or the cast has to become the global brand ambassador of the house of DVF.

They check through your selling skills. How well can you sell DVF dresses and signature frocks? If you fail in this simple execution, how can you globally publicize the brand well? Aimless and Inconvincible approach doesn’t work well in such a situation. Here, you need to utilize your skills and at least manage to have decent client skills to get through this round.

There is a group task of preparing a sketch for the next clothing idea. Sketching a dress that no one can imagine about but, can be physically prepared is the best winning idea. Here, as a fashionista, you need to have a balance of thoughts in the group and develop a single sketch that wins over the heart rather than making individual sketches that might not work.

Do not show your hangover at a DVF meeting. This is true for any workplace. Nobody should ideally be showing their hangover side at their place of work. That looks so unprofessional and casual. Take care that you do not do that.

We along with our marketing partners have designed and marketed this show with a lot of efforts; we hope that girls applying from here know how serious and the important thing it is to us and to our firm.

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